10 years ago, Jacques left us.

On this day, the APEF remembers its founder, Jacques Subtil, buried at Notre Dame de Corroy on October 8, 2012.
On this occasion, Sister Luci, community activist and partner of APEF in Nicaragua*, expressed the gratitude of all the beneficiaries of leaf extracts and thus testified to the success of the mission Jacques had set himself:
“Jacques has joined forces in a great pact against malnutrition. He has strengthened us in our desire to help the weakest among the little people, those whose lives are tormented by hunger and want.”

On this day of remembrance, the APEF also joins forces with the loved ones and parents of Jacques.

Christophe Richardier,
President APEF

* Sister Luci founded the « Soynica » association in Nicaragua in 1989, which has improved the diet of thousands of families in very precarious situations, thanks in particular to the distribution of more than 25 million doses of leaf extract of alfalfa. Soynica was dissolved in 2021 along with nearly 200 other entities since 2018, (NGOs, associations, humanitarian organizations) deemed troublesome by the government.

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