At the start, our aim was to supplement the diets of children and their mothers. However, on their own initiative, local doctors have used LLC as a nutritional accompaniment to conventional treatments for those mildly or severely ill patients who are looked after in their clinics or hospitals.

The results have been astonishing! In order to help the largest number of people benefit from these “live” experiences, APEF has asked the local staff to provide information on their activities either by sending us reports or by completing questionnaires.

Below are 26 eye-witness accounts, grouped by country (in alphabetical order) To open the document you’d like to read, just click on the title.

Cameroon Report of lucerne leaf concentrate (LLC) trial on HIV+ patients Trial started 20/2/07 – Ngousso Clinic A Yaoundé, Cameroon. Status on 20/8/07 at 180 days

Benin 1- Survey 2003, Father Bernard Moegle, Association Solidarité Alsace Bénin 22 children, 2 to 15 years old, and 30 mothers, 20 to 63 years old – malnutrition, marasmus, diarrhoea, sickle-cell anaemia, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS – HIV/AIDS Clinic, Saint Camille Health Centre, Davougon – ABOMEY

2- Survey 2004, Father Bernard – Observations on the results of 36 AIDS sufferers – HIV/AIDS specialist care Centre HIV/AIDS Clinic, Saint Camille Health Centre, Davougon – ABOMEY

Bolivia 1- Report 2005, Cécile Lizondo, nurse, co-ordinator of ASOPEC General observations of effects of LLC in schoolchildren, on mothers, the ill and the elderly. SAMAIPATA, Florida Province

2- Survey 2006, Gerlinde Gregg de Toledo 138 children, 3 to 6 years old. Malnutrition, anaemia, diarrhoea, retarded development in height and weight, difficulties at school 2 Maternal Schools, SAMAIPATA

3- Survey 2006, Adela Soto, Rogelio Guzman, Tito Benito 135 children, 6 to 12 years old. Malnutrition, anaemia, behaviour at school 5 community primary schools in SAMAIPATA

4- Survey 2006, Dr Guzman, Dr Roca, S. Lucas, midwife 53 women, 16 to 35 years old. Malnutrition, anaemia, pregnancy and breastfeeding follow-up Maternity and gynaecology service, Florida Hospital – SAMAIPATA

5- Survey 2006, Dr Valdez (nutritionist), Dr Uyeno (paediatrician) 85 children, 6 months to 3 years old. Severe malnutrition, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anaemia – CRNI (Centre for Infant Nutritional Recovery), SANTA CRUZ

Burkina Faso 1- Survey 2002, Sister Sabine – Association The Friends of Pabré 165 children, 6 months to 5 years old, 160 mothers. Severe malnutrition, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anaemia, diarrhoea, respiratory problems Paul VI Hospital – OUAGADOUGOU

2– Survey 2004, sister Evelyne 35 children, 6 to 15 months, 12 mothers and elderly people. 2nd and 3rd degree malnutrition, anaemia, scarring – CREN (Centre for Nutritional Recuperation and Education), TIEBELE

3- Survey 2005, Dr Diallo 151 children, 0 to 5 years old. (2nd and 3rd degree malnutrition, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anaemia, diarrhoeaCREN, CHR (Regional Hospital Centre), KAYA

4- Survey 2005, Sister Bernadette 1300 children, 6 months to 3 years old, 480 mothers. Severe malnutrition, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anaemia, HIV/AIDS, hypolactation SMI (Maternal and Infant Care), CREN, Pissila, KAYA

5- Report EDM 2004, Alain et Gisèle Roque– Enfants du Monde 1000 children in villages in the bush where noma is rife. Goal – eradication of noma, malnutrition of all degrees and various other illnesses. Villages in the region of Ouahigouya, OUAHIGOUYA

6- Survey 2006, Alain et Gisèle Roque – Enfants du Monde Monde ( 2000 children and 10 mothers. Fight against noma – malnutrition of all degrees, various other illnesses. Villages in the region of Ouahigouya

Congo Brazzaville 1 -Survey 2003, Sister Anna 32 children + 15 with extreme kwashiorkor and marasmus, diarrhoea, some with sickle cell anaemia, HIV/AIDS CHU Paediatric Intensive Care Service – BRAZZAVILLE

2- Survey 2003,Sister Florine 250 children, 6 months to 9 years old, 30 mothers. Malnutrition, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anaemia, lactation, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS. Health Centre,VOKA

Madagascar 1- Report 2005, Docteur Fidolin – Association Medicap Observations on 196 inmates with BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 18.5 Tamatave Prison, TAMATAVE

2- Survey 2006, Julia Hary Mino – Enfants du Monde 47 children, 12 months to 5 years old, 47 mothers, 19 to 40 years old, anaemia, diarrhoea, hypolactation, dermatitis, malarial symptoms CRENA – CEDA – ANDOHATAPENAKA

3- Survey 2006, Dr Randrianaivosoa – Enfants du Monde 120 children, 0 to 18 years old. Malnutrition, various illnesses, malaria, dengue, chikungunya. Welcome Centre, SOS Children’s Villages – TOAMASINA

4- Survey 2006, Dr Rakotonanakary – Enfants du Monde 84 children, 3 to 18 years old, 4 mothers. Malnutrition, anaemia, diarrhoea, prevention of contagious diseases: arboviruses, dengue, chikungunya. Day Centre, SOS Children’s Villages, MAHAJANGA

Nicaragua 1- Conference at Reims 2006, Sister Luci Morren, Head of SoyNica 15 years’ experience of using leaf concentrate to help the malnourished. Various neighbourhoods in Managua and in dry regions in the North of the country – MANAGUA

2- Report 2004, Dr Luis Fulgencio Bàez Children suffering from leukaemia: LC as an accompaniment to chemotherapy or radiotherapy Department of Haemo-oncology – La Mascota Children’s Hospital – MANAGUA Peru  1- Report 2005, Michel Neveu – APEF coordinator in Chile and Prof E Bertin’s representative for comparative studies undertaken in Huaycan. Please see Prof Bertin’s report on the “Studies & Scientific Endorsement” page

Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC 1- Report 2002, Dr Marie-Jo Bonnet, surgeon, BDOM Hospitals, Bukavu Anaemia, hydolactation, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, septicemia, staphylococcus, cancer etc and in post-operative nutrition (including dissolvable sutures) 3 Nutritional Centres, 3 Health Centres and the Paediatric, Internal Medicine, Maternity and Surgical Services at 8 BDOM Hospitals, BUKAVU – SUD-KIVU

Senegal 1- Survey 2003, Sister Andrée 140 children, from weaning to 15 years old, 140 mothers, 20 to 45 years old. 2nd and 3rd degree malnutrition, anaemia, rickets, hypolactation, maternal tiredness Maternity Clinic, DJILAS

2- Survey 2005, Sister Béatrice Marie 185 children, 6 months to 15 years old, 80 mothers, 18 to 45 years old. Various degrees of malnutrition and marasmus, anaemia, anorexia, weakness and lack of energy, hypolactation Saint Laurent clinic – DAKAR