Scientific endorsement of leaf concentrate Professor Eric Bertin, nutritionist at the University Hospital at Reims, leads APEF’s Scientific Committee, which comprises professors from the faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy at Reims.

This committee ensures the medical and nutritional follow-up of all trials and is a central source for all data about LLC.

Professor Bertin has drawn up several clinical research protocols for the scientific validation of the use of LLC as a nutritional complement in fighting chronic malnutrition.

A series of four trials is currently under way. In this series, groups of children supplemented with LLC are being compared with groups on powdered milk (PM).

The first three trials of this series have now been completed, two in Huayacan, Peru (12 and 6 months’ duration) and one in Kinshasa, RDC (3 months).

The last trial will be conducted by the French Order of Malta in Togo. In the interests of clarity the results are being interpreted by the Methodological Assistance Unit at Reims University Hospital.

The figures from ‘Peru 1’ are the only ones available so far. The conclusions are as follows: – Growth in height and weight equivalent in the two groups. – Equal effect in restoring nutritional status, but correction achieved more quickly with LLC as measured by serum protein and albumin.– Anaemia significantly abated by LLC: 33% of the children were initially anaemic; none was anaemic after 12 months.

There was no change in the PM group’s anaemia. – No ill effect on the kidneys (creatinine) or liver (transaminases), no allergic episode recorded. – LLC well received by the children and no digestive problems.

In India, Professor Beena Mathur of the University of Rajasthan has completed a 135-day study on groups of adolescent girls suffering from anaemia, comparing the effect of LLC with that of iron sulphate tablets given to a control group.

The results have been excellent. Please see Professor Mathur’s report below.

Please click on the following links (pdf documents) Pr Mathur & Dr Zanin’s study – general treatise on Lucerne leaf concentrate: history and genetics, cultivation and production, analysis and use, perspectives (40 pages, written in 1998)