The Earth’ vegetation represents a resource of incomparable richness. Green leaves contain more nutritive elements than grains and roots, except for calories.

Their value in terms of protein is the equal to the majority of animal products and they surpass them in terms of vitamins and micro-nutrients.

But the human digestive system is not adapted to consume leaves directly – it is incapable of absorbing and digesting a volume sufficient to meet our nutritional needs.


  • extract the most nutritive components from the leaves – the proteins, vitamins and micro-nutrients – and eliminate the non-digestible fibrous parts of the plant.
  • provide, in a dry, concentrated and easily digestible form, these nutritive components – which we call LEAF CONCENTRATE – as a supplement to the normal diets of the malnourished.

The principle is simple:

  • harvest young, fresh leaves
  • grind and press the leaves, and heat the green juice obtained to >90oC.
  • the heat makes the proteins coagulate, taking with them vitamins, lipids and micro-nutrients.
  • filter, press and dry the coagulum – which we call LEAF CONCENTRATE – and pack it for later use as it is or mixed with other foods.
  • Use the residual fibre as an excellent animal feed.  Realising the value of the fibre is an indispensable part of the economics of making leaf concentrate.